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Johnny Monsarrat is an entrepreneur and award-winning public speaker who is best known as the founder and the first CEO of Turbine, Inc., which is now part of Warner Brothers making videogames such as Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons & Dragons Online, and Infinite Crisis. Johnny Monsarrat lectures about how to start a company and make it successful.

One of Monsarrat's philosophies is that a business needs partners to success. Even the most promising company, which might "go viral", Monsarrat says, still needs to go viral through major news media. Most businesses spend too much time thinking about pleasing their end-users instead of the distribution and funding partners that have the real power to make them successful. Johnny Monsarrat wrote an article in the Boston Globe, The Biggest Mistake You're Making is Putting Customers First on this topic.

Johnny Monsarrat also speaks about his number one trick to success, which is how to get the attention of these VIP partners who can make you successful. His approach is a combination of chutzpah and doing something remarkable and notable. Monsarrat also goes by the suggestion of Neil Gaiman that you can be very good what you do, very personable to work with, and meticulously on time, pick two out of three. Better yet, Monsarrat says, aim to impress, be generous and geniuine, and do everything immediately to get noticed.

Johnny has an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management with a specialty in entrepreneurship. There Johnny Monsarrat played the MIT Beaver, the school mascot, as he had done as an undergraduate. He believes that he played the mascot more often than anyone in history before they started finally using the beaver for athletic games. Monsarrat even got to play the colorful character at his own business school graduation.

Monsarrat has also had executive roles in sequencing bacterial genomes before the Human Genome project, building robots before the forthcoming global robot takeover, and aiding the new movement of atheists who speak openly about their needs and beliefs, before the world renounces religion entirely. In these ways he is ahead of the curve. His new venture is Hard Data Factory, for which he earned two patents in data collection from public website sources. From thousands of sources Johnny Monsarrat built Events INSIDER, the most popular events blog in New England, and a mobile application, TechCal, which is the world's largest calendar of business networking events.

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